Iron Fit Nutrition strives to produce distinctive, affordable, premium-quality products while making every effort to anticipate ever-changing customer needs and meet the demands of a dynamic market with innovative products, effective support materials, and unsurpassed service. From the beginning, our customers have been our number one priority. While strict quality control, lab testing, and manufacturing under tightly controlled conditions are all very important, they are all done for one reason: to bring you high quality, affordable supplements. We pride ourselves on customer loyalty and are pleased to report that nearly all of our first-time customers become devoted patrons. You can be confident that from the moment a product is conceived to the moment it leaves our facility we put only the best into Iron Fit Nutrition so you only put the best into your body.




Our Team

Carlos Rabiei
Carlos Rabiei
CEO / Owner / IFBB Pro

Carlos Rabiei is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. While growing up in Iran, Carlos was very active and aside from playing soccer he developed interest for wrestling when he was 12 years old. His passion for wrestling made him train for several hours each day and he was determined to be the best he could be. However, due to a twist in fate which changed his life, Carlos had to leave his family, country and his new found passion “Wrestling” behind.

While studying at Simon Fraser University, keeping my job while on a wrestling schedule was hard. I needed to make a decision which led me back to weight training. That move sparked the genesis of my Body-Building career shortly after moving to Vancouver, Canada.

Cardio’s form a key part of my training routine, and when preparing for contests, I love using the Stairclimber, it works best for me. I practically don’t have any particular favourite when it comes to exercise, but the ones I do very often are Cable Bicep Curls, Seated Calf Raises & Lie Down Hamstring Curls. My training schedule is 3 days on a stretch and 1 day off and I don’t reserve any particular day for a specific body part. My exercise routine is RANDOM, always changing “Muscle group, Tempo, Reps and sets of different kinds” this keeps my muscles in a confused state.
I am not a fan of listening to music while training, it’s a major turn off for me. It disrupts the Body/Mind connection. My major source of inspiration has always been ME, I don’t look up to anyone neither do I have a role model. I only have myself to prove to. For people who desire that amazing well toned athletic & muscular physique just like mine, all you need do is train hard, be consistent, focus while training, fuel your body properly and get adequate rest.

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